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King-f7 ATTACK!!

Anonymous - Hilmar Alquiros

Internet Blitz game 24.11.2020

B00 Fried fox defence

1.d4 f6 2.e4 Kf7

3.Bc4+ e6 4.Nf3 d5 5.Bd3 Nc6

6.O-O Nb4 7.exd5 exd5 8.c3 Nxd3 9.Qxd3 Be6 10.Bf4 Qd7

11.Nbd2 Bf5 12.Qe2 Re8 13.Qd1 g5! 14.Bg3 h5! 15.h3 h4!

16.Bh2 g4! 17.Nxh4 Rxh4 18.hxg4 Bxg4 19.f3 Bd6 20.Bxd6 Qxd6

the Kf7 attack is rolling! :-)

21.fxg4 Qh2+ 22.Kf2 Nh6 23.Rg1 Qf4+ 24.Nf3 Nxg4+ 25.Kf1 Nh2+

26.Kf2 Qe3+ 27.Kg3 Rg8+ 28.Kxh4 Qh6#



...and Now for Something NOT :-) Completely Different:



King-f2 ATTACK!!

Hilmar Alquiros - Anonymous

Internet Blitz game 26.11.2020

(Double!!) A00 Gedult's opening

1.f3 f6 2.Kf2 Kf7(!)

doubling the Gedult's Opening!

3.Kg3! Kg6 4.Kh4!!

...the ultimate King's attack!! :-)

h5 5.c4 e5

6.e3 Bd6 7.Nc3 f5+ 8.Kg3 e4+ 9.Kf2 f4 10.Nxe4 Qh4+

11.Ke2 b6 12.Nh3 fxe3 13.dxe3 Ba6 14.Qd3 Nf6??
Blitz chess - time was too short...

15.Nxd6+ Kh6 16.Nf7#

with a wonderful