“What's in a Name? Shakespeare                     “My first name remained, guys!” :-) "Mein Vorname blieb, Leute!" :-)
        (mein) "Name (-nswechsel!) ist Schall und Rauch" Goethe        MENSA/no in corpore (in)sano”: 


Now, 70, firstly revealed... :-) “Hey, not my own merit!”


A gift from heaven as compensation for many just survived diseases?!

Tests without “Ceiling Effect”*, ** = not below a too low maximum:


1983: Hilmar Ebert, IQ 160*   what about aged 50?!

2000: Hilmar Alquiros, IQ 162** Whew! Still working!! :-)



“I'm a very stable genius!”


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“What was it like being a highly-gifted child?” ... (Quora, 2019)

  ... Mixed... very mixed!:

00: Premature birth (too curious?!): 6 weeks fighting for survival

05: Happy little guy absenteeism winner: sepsis after surgery at 5

10: Severe meningitis. Learning literally hurt for years!

  Beating teachers did little to inspire love of school.

  Gifted?! only flashed up in chess championships & MENSA tests

15: No more headaches! Sports, girlfriend, math! Books!

22: Unleashed: early studies, psychologist at 22, doctorate, science.

Championships: chess, problem chess, Mensa, mind sports ...

30: Intelligence? Just a tool!

      Compassion and humor are much more...

      Never harm others!

      Serve others! Development aid for the disabled, sick, injured...

   Publications, poetry, chess, Dàoist philosophy...

50: WE!

70: Many survivals: cancers, sepsis, multi-resistant bacteria...

      Still a happy guy: two gifts from heaven:


💕 unconditional love from my parents...

💕 ...magpakailanman with my great love!



Magic Moments


The night will fall, the day will rise

Delightful in my wing -

How much I like those magic eyes:

I hear them softly sing...


A falling day, a rising night,

A look to hear and see -

How deep these eyes, their smile so bright:

And how enchanting me...


So whirling night and day and night

In timeless gentle gleaning -

It’s Life that sparked all time and sight:

And Love inflamed its meaning...




Es fällt die Nacht, es steigt der Tag

mit Freude in den Schwingen -

Wie sehr ich diese Augen mag:

ich hör’ sie leise singen ...


Es fällt der Tag, es steigt die Nacht,

ich kann den Blick nun hören -

Wie tief er schaut, wie hell er lacht:

wie kann er mich betören ...


So taumeln Nacht und Tag und Nacht

wie zeitlos sanft dahin -

Das Leben hat die Zeit entfacht:

die Liebe ihren Sinn ...


* Cattell CFT = Culture Fair Intelligence Test / 2: (sum > 1,2: rarely both high!).

** European IQ-test  - wrong: 18,26,28,32 :-) 17 years later ...

Jan. 4/5th, 1983, carried out by a psychometric assistant


151 + 154 = 160: Both subtests very high = combined higher (rarer)!

June 15th, 2000, carried out online

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