The Ultimate Challenge!


V. Ollpf (Osten)* – Hilmar Alquiros (Ferner Osten)

19.5.2022, 10 min. Real Internet Blitz game.


1. c4 'English' f6! 'Brexit-Variation'! :-)

2. e3!? Innovation:

It is by no means easy to completely leave theory behind with the third half-move.

2...Kf7!! The epitome of elegance. 

3. a3 Kg6(!) Black seizes the opportunity 

4. b4 d6 5. h4 e5 6. h5+ Kf5!! It is done!

7. Qf3+ The white will to fight has awakened


7...Ke6 8.­Qd5+ Ke7 9. Rh4 Ke8(!) Switchback!


10. g4 f5 11. Rh3 Nf6 12. Qb5+? Bd7! Black wins (13.Qa5 b6)


13. Qxb7 Bc6! (White wins the Queen and the game)! 

Once in a lifetime... :-)


* = chump


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