JUBILEE: 70 + 55 = 125 :-)

Christmas 2002: Love!                                                                                                   2004: Married!

2014: House blessing!                                                                                        2020: Jubilee 125!



There is no word for it to say it

Togetherness comes close -

There are no scales to proper weigh it

No paintings fairly to portray it

So great and so grandiose...


There is no phrase for it to trace it

Affinity, it shows -

No life as long as to embrace it

No honoring enough to grace it

How blossoming this rose...


No book might ever comprehend it

As destiny, it flows -

No limitation to transcend it

No space and time to ever end it

As inner light, it glows...



             Love poem                                                                                                    2023


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