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Der Tag der Geburt wird zuweilen etwas überschätzt ... Zeugung, Tod und andere Begegnungen tragen wesentlich zur Realsatire des Lebens bei ... 


Am 11.04.1950 wurde Ungarn Republik, am 11.05.1950, dem errechneten(!) 9-Monats-Termin, hatte das Schicksal noch einen versteckten Hinweis zu meiner eigentlichen Herkunft zu bieten ...:


The first picture Date: 11.05.1950

   "A farming couple, Mr. and Mrs. Trent (Mrs. Trent apparently having no name of her own on record) of McMinneville, Oregon, took some of the earliest - and still most intriguing - photos of a UFO. According to their story, Mrs. Trent spotted a silent object heading towards their farm on the evening of May 11th. She ran into the house to get Mr. Trent and a camera, and managed to take two pictures of the UFO before it disappeared.
   The pictures showed a flattened saucer shape with a raised dorsal bulge at its center, metallic in appearance. In one shot the UFO was almost side-on to the camera, and in the other it was slightly angled, showing its upper surfaces.
   To date, nobody has been able to show that the Trent pictures are fakes, even after subjecting the pictures to computer analysis and image enhancement, which concluded that the UFO was at least 70 feet across, ruling out any 'hubcap hoaxes'. The Trent also did not profit from the pictures, so this was evidently not a motive for fakery. However, it has been noted that the pictures appear to have been taken in the morning, rather than the evening as the Trent claimed. Despite this, the pictures are still as interesting now as they were nearly 50 years ago."